Meet Josh

Josh O’Connor was born and raised in Polson, MT. Aside from a few years out of state for education he has lived in Montana his whole life. He has lived in the Gallatin Valley full time for just over a year now. He lives on a beautiful acreage south of Churchill with his dog and cat. Josh is passionate about his job, his family, and Montana.

Josh has a B.S. in Aeronautical science, his A&P certificate, and a commercial pilot’s license. He currently works in the valley on helicopters. He has also almost completed a Masters of Science in Aeronautics, with specializations in management and education. Josh has been a student, a ranch hand, a fisherman, a teacher, and a mechanic.

Raised going to church, Josh has been active in whatever community he has lived in by volunteering through the local church, whether it be through music, kids programs, or community service projects. In college, he was a senator in student government, and held multiple leadership positions throughout his tenure.

Josh grew up in a family with meager means. He knows what hard work is, and is not a stranger to the struggles that many Montanan’s face. Josh, like many Montanans, also has grown tired of  seeing session after session go by in the legislature, without seeing much accomplished besides drama and the two major parties fighting over the budget.

Josh knows that Montana’s government can do much better for the people of Montana. That’s why he wants to help introduce a voice of reason into the legislature. A voice not loyal to the establishment, but a voice loyal to reason, sound judgement. A voice loyal to the people that he represents. Where two heads are better than one, three are even better.