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We all have certain values that we hold dear.

As I speak to all of you, I can’t wait to hear what your values are, and what issues you care about.

As for me, I am a Montanan, born and raised. I value hard work, honesty, and transparency.

I am a Christian. The freedom I have found in Christ only makes me more fond of the freedom I have in this state and country, and I absolutely want to preserve that.

These are just some of the things that made me want to run for legislature.

I believe that the less that government is involved in our lives, the better our lives are. I believe that with more money in our pockets from less taxation, we Montanan’s can live more prosperously. I believe in fighting for issues that are important to my constituents.

If I am elected, I will be honest and transparent. I will vote on issues that come to the floor according to the same values that I espouse now. I will not vote on issues solely to build a political resume. My job as Representative, is to serve the people of HD69.

What are your values? What issues “make you tick”? Message me or call me. I can’t wait to hear.

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